Wednesday, May 1, 2013

An Author a Day for Thirty Days: Day 1

For the next thirty days we are going to highlight a writer that we particularly like, and we are going to try and find writers that we haven’t mentioned or given their due.

I just saw a list (there is always a list) in GQ or something like that--ten books every man should read. Nothing out of the ordinary on the list: all men with the exception of Zadie Smith, though it’s always nice to see George Saunders make any list.

Also on the list is Wells Tower, author of the perfect collection of stories entitled Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. [This is my favorite title to yell after flushing.] It’s one of those books that you dread finishing, especially knowing the author hasn’t published anything else. Terrible feeling, to love a book like that!

So yeah, if you’re a dude, be sure to read Wells Tower; GQ says you should. GQ also says braided belts are always in style. But here is my advice for women and men: read Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. It's not a book defined by gender, it’s a terrific read from start to finish. Also, I don’t love a braided belt.

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