Sunday, May 5, 2013

An Author a Day for Thirty Days: Day 5

We should be ashamed of ourselves. It’s hard to be ashamed because the bar is set so low, but we really should be ashamed that we haven’t written about Amy Hempel. What the hell is wrong with us? More importantly why haven’t our nearly a full dozen devoted readers pointed out this disgusting fact?

And to make this slight even worse? She’s a dog lover. I know. We’re the pits. However, we are going to fix this. Liz is going to buy every single one of you (that’s nearly 10 people) The Collected Stories. Just email her your address.  The Collected Stories is very close to being my desert island book, that’s how much I love it, but I also recommend Reasons to Live and Tumble Home.

If you like Amy Bloom, Jim Shepard, Jennifer Egan, Junot Diaz, or my beloved Gail Caldwell, I think Amy Hempel is perfect for you. 

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