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Liz Sullivan is a district sales manager (sales rep) for Random House (now Penguin Random House), responsible for selling Knopf, Doubleday, Pantheon, Vintage, Anchor, and about 20 client publishers. She has worked for Random House since 2007. She sells books to stores in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Colorado, and Arizona. Prior to working for the world's largest publisher, Liz was a buyer and inventory operations supervisor for BookPeople bookstore. Liz loves literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, history, and books about totalitarian regimes (yeah, we know she's probably a sociopath). Beyond books, Liz is a huge baseball and basketball fan, shares her home with maniacal feline and blog mascot Zorro, and loves national parks.

Gianna LaMorte is the sales manager for the University of Texas Press. Previously she worked as a district sales manager with Random House for about 8 years or so, until Liz Sullivan made her life so miserable that Gianna had to change jobs. The two are now married, have 9 children and vote Republican. They are not happy. (43% true). Gianna loves good books, films, celebrity gossip, and the Chicago Cubs. 

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