Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Texts, Insults, Shoes, and a Theme for May

We know you are riveted by our interactions. How could you not be? So, on the heels of our Blog De Triomphe interview with Karen Russell (KAREN RUSSELL!!), we're offering another one of our pithy text message conversations.

Okay, first of all I'd like to state that I am appalled by this insensitivity to people with gender identity disorders. We in Book Land support all people and in no way discriminate against transgender people or people with height proportional shoe sizes. There's no excuse for my comment...except for, perhaps, that Gianna's Italian and I don't like those people.

There's nothing wrong with being called a lesbian. Also, there's nothing wrong with being Italian. There might be something wrong with being an Italian lesbian, though. Especially if you're an Italian lesbian who makes fun of my shoes.

We'd like to apologize to Pat Conroy for the oversight, and to the entire internet for posting 350+ blog pieces, and to Italian lesbians. As always, complaints about the inappropriate content on this blog should be sent to Gianna. Positive feedback should be sent to your therapist's office for discussion at your next session. And yes, I know that Gianna left out an apostrophe. Try editing all of these blog posts. It's no wonder I don't like her kind. 

On the plus side, an author a day for the next month--that should be fun, right?


  1. Funny, no mention of the time Gianna was wearing two different shoes...

    1. man, you're not ever going to let that go! thanks Emily....

  2. It's one of my favorite Gianna stories.

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