Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Good and Cheap (Books)! Day 2

If the Fifty Shades insanity is proof of anything, it's that a little titillation makes for exciting reading. Also, the world is full of pervs. You know who you are. Which reminds me--Gianna, do you still have the Fifty Shades fridge poetry I made you? Care to share a poem with us in your next post? It is National Poetry Month, after all. Gauntlet is thrown, LaMorte.

Where was I?

Ah. Bawdy books. How about a bawdy book that's well written and full of upstairs/downstairs period drama too? Ladies (and gentlemen), I give you History of a Pleasure Seeker by Richard Mason. Protagonist Piet Barol likes the finer things in life. When his mother dies, he talks his way into a position in a wealthy family's home in Amsterdam as a tutor. His pupil, the wealthy owner's son, is troubled with OCD, but is a gifted pianist. The house is home to sisters, a mother, and other servants, and all of them appreciate Piet's "gifts." The guy is rather good looking, and he's charming, and he's a scoundrel and fraud. He's imminently more attractive than any of the homeless guys and convicts that Gianna suggests as potential mates for me. There are some risque antics here, but Richard Mason is also a talented writer and his story moves fluidly. His characters are intriguing and real tensions outside of the boudoir add to the story. This is a book guaranteed to satisfy your reading groups and offers discussion topics like love, class, wealth, and power.

Also, Richard Mason himself is ogle-worthy...

And he has a British accent....

(My women's studies professors from college are checking to see if they can void my degree right about now.)

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