Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: A Book That Scares You

Who needs a book to scare me?  The people who lounge out by the pool at my apartment complex scare me every day.  Between the woman with "Hottie" written in pink sequins across her posterior and Mr. Banana Hammock, it's a horror show of the first order.  Books, well, that's a bit tougher.


This question is too vague. What immediately comes to mind is any celebrity book that includes poetry. It could be a biography with an example of what the actor jots down in the middle of the night when he can't sleep, or really just full on "poetry" (looking at you Rosie). I must include musicians on this list..Jewel, stop it. T-Boz (TLC for those of you not cool) absolutely not. Melissa Etheridge...honey just set that shit to music; do not try to pass it off as poetry.


The Hot Zone by Richard Preston

Let's start with my dislike of monkeys and all primates.  Throw in the killer virus that wipes out up to 90% of the people who contract it and does things like making your eyes bleed and liquefying your internal organs.  Add that the killer monkey virus that can spread to humans came to the US and it could happen again.  Oh, and it's not fiction. The book freaks me out.


  1. people who read Hot Zone are just looking for trouble!

  2. The last time a book really scared me was The Tiger. I was seeing tigers under my bed.

    Gianna, you'd be less afraid of Jewel's poetry if you'd heard Liz read it over the BookPeople speakers.