Monday, July 18, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Main Character That You Want to Marry

Okay, let me just say that I hate this category.  We're not creating the categories.  We're stealing them from some FaceSpace list.  And obviously the creator wrote this one just so a zillion people (women) could sigh longingly and then expound upon Mr. Darcy and fucking Jane Austen.  I am not a Jane Austen fan.  Also, who reads books looking for potential spouse archetypes?  Oh, wait--the people who love Mr. Darcy.




You know, from Harold and Maude by Colin Higgins. I read the book, the play, and own the movie (2nd favorite movie). The movie is far and away the best. So maybe really it's Ruth Gordon I want to marry? Or more accurately who I have been wanting to marry since I’ve been, like, 12 years old (jeesh so judgmental!), but if not let me ask you this… who else has these …

Gianna loves Ruth Gordon. A lot.

Ruth Gordon--Gianna's ideal.

And yes I know – I talk about RG a lot. I love her (you look past the creep fest of Rosemary’s Baby) and you make it work. I mean if she were alive.


Augustus McCrae

Why I love Gus from Lonesome Dove: he's loyal, he's funny, he's willing to be a scoundrel but never compromises his sense of right.  And he's not above kicking an ornery pig once in awhile.  Sure, Gus visits the whores for a poke every now and again, but he also joined a fool-hardy cattle drive in order to see his lost love one more time. He's not afraid of being sappy, but he'll kill his horse if push comes to shove.  And he likes a woman with a little sass.  He's not Mr. Darcy.


  1. I'll marry Gertrude from The Auto of Alice B Toklas.

  2. I hear that Gertrude Stein and Mr. Darcy are basically interchangeable.

  3. Harold and Maude is one of my favorite movies! You said this was your 2nd favorite, Gianna...what is #1?

  4. Gianna's favorite movie is The Godfather. (Not a joke.)

  5. i love godfather I and II but III is just the pits man.

  6. The Godfather is your favorite movie because it's amazing. I don't know about Harold & Maude in that I have never seen it.

    I love the idea of Liz married to Gus and wish this could come to be.

    If I weren't already married to Rachel, I would marry Dorothy Day. This may be cheating, in that the book she is the main character in is her autobiography.