Tuesday, July 19, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 15

Dear God, we're only at the halfway point. 

Day 15: First Chapter Book You Can Remember Reading


I don’t know which one it was exactly...maybe Kiss the Girls, or Run Away Girls, or Kill Kill Kill Those Girls, but I can definitely tell you the author. It was James Patterson. I know, I know… technically he doesn’t write “chapter books,”  but his books contain nothing less than 200 chapters each. Some chapters are only a page long, which I think is really excellent because I love turning pages, so I will count this as the first (and only) chapter book I have ever read. This is dedicated to David Thompson.


I don't know that I understand what a "chapter book" is.  Gianna says they're those books like Captain Stinkypants that little kids read.  We both think that they didn't exist when we were kids.  Or maybe they did exist when I was a kid, but there weren't bookstores in Woodville, Texas, and also my mother wouldn't buy crap books.  Therefore, I'm going to pick a book that has chapters.  Also, it's not the first book I remember reading.  That was a book about Frog and Toad being friends, but I no longer believe in interspecies comingling.  The cat has convinced me that we should be isolationist in our politics.  On a related note, I'm looking for a home (doesn't have to be good) for a semi-violent, plus sized cat.  So my "chapter book" pick is The Westing Game. It's a fun, twisting book about a group of interconnected people who move into the same building and then discover that they are all potential heirs to the late Sam Westing's fortune if they can unravel the clues.  The main character, Turtle, is awesome (and she's just named Turtle, not a real turtle, so we're not violating those isolationist ideals).  Let me know if you want that cat.


  1. Whoa! Why do you need a home for Zorro? Does he like dogs?

  2. I've been home for a month and he's gotten cheeky. I'm getting tired of fighting for my office chair...or my breakfast. He doesn't get his way, he bites. I'm scared of my cat. And no, he does not like dogs.

  3. Gianna-

    Did you arrive late to chapter books or did you read Kiss The Girls at far too young an age? "No Judy Blume for me, mom, I like murder with my kissing!"


    Great pick. Still love this book.

    Treasure Island for me. My mom asked me to read it to her to "see if you can do the pirate voices." I now see that this was a trick to get me to love reading at a young age. It worked.