Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year, New 30 Day Book Challenge, Day 14

Day 14: Favorite Book by Your Favorite Author


If I were to answer this question directly (for a change), I would say my favorite book by my favorite author is The Habit of Being: The Letters of Flannery O’Connor, but since these letters were published after her death, perhaps it's not exactly her book. If you’re going to be that picky (and why would I expect anything less from you sons a bitches), I would say Flannery O’Connor: The Complete Stories. Wait, that was also published after her death. Jesus, did anyone publish anything while this poor woman was actually alive?
Anyway, yesterday I added to the question of who my favorite author is and added a bonus answer of who my favorite author right now is (too lazy to go back one day and look? Don’t blame ya, I chose Miranda July). Today I thought I would choose some additional favorite books of late.

Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht. Set in the Balkans, the story follows a young doctor as she tries to uncover the truth surrounding her grandfather’s mysterious death. If you’re new to Tea, here is a wonderful interview on NPR.

Like You’d Understand Anyway by Jim Shepard. Sometimes you hit a lull in your reading life. You think that maybe you’ll never love a book again. Jim Shepard has the cure. I chose Like You’d Understand for this piece but really, I could have chosen any of his books. He writes about big subjects, far ranging subjects; Jim Shepard is big and bold.

Swamplandia by Karen Russell. What I love about Karen Russell is that she is truly original and fearless. How original and fearless? Swamplandia’s main character is a twelve year old alligator wrestler. And can I just say that if you are going to buy any book based on the cover...this is it.

Tenth of December by George Saunders. What all of the writers above have, including Flannery O’Connor and Miranda July, is a true sense of originality. Yes, Tenth of December is a collection of stories, but my friends, this will be, I promise you, this book will be on your top ten year end list. I know, it's only January and don’t Jhumpa Lahiri, Kent Haruf, Susan Minot, and Elizabeth Strout have books coming out t his year? Isn’t UT Press publishing Sam Shepard letters this year? Yes, yes, all true, but Tenth of December will be the very top of your list. 


What the hell is this?
(chomp chomp chomp) Yeah.  I'm eating barbecue potato chips and American Idol.  There's a Muppet on there named Minaj or something. I don't know what's happening. And there's this kid who wants to be Justin Bieber, so apparently the contestants are extra delusional.

Hang on a second....I needed to lick the barbecue flavor off my fingers.

Okay. What am I doing now? Right. ....Dear god, Mariah's clothes don't fit.

Gah, the one-legged tap dancer is terrible. Cannot sing.

Joyce Carol Oates. Blonde. Or We Were the Mulvaneys. Or Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Why are ruffled chips better than flat?

Oh, great. Family-nominated "singers."  Extra delusional people. My ears! They should place a specific, keep away from Q-Tips when watching this show, warning label on the packages of objects I can shove into my ear canals.

I really love barbecue potato chips.

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