Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Cool Things: Full Circle Books

Full Circle Bookstore is one of those stores that is a true treat.  Like its hometown is a lot cooler than you might initially imagine (we're big fans of Oklahoma City), Full Circle Books may be the most gorgeous bookstore in the country that most people don't know about.  It's a gem that should make its way onto bookstore tourists' lists of stores to see and shop around the country.  

Here are 10 Cool Things about Full Circle.

1.  Old school selection and atmosphere.  This is a bookstore that values breadth of inventory and an appreciation for great books.

2.  A superb audiobook section, important to those of us who drive a hell of a lot.

3.  Pearl the White Buffalo.  Best store mascot ever?

Meet Pearl, the White Buffalo.  Moo.
4.  Did we already mention that the store is gorgeous?  It really is.

5.  The staff puts on a full production of Oklahoma! every week.  Time and location are secret.  First rule of Oklahoma!, you don't talk about Oklahoma!....

Those are real flames.
6.  There are two working fireplaces in the store.  You can buy books and burn them all in one location.  They must have great turn-out for Banned Books Week in September.
A local book group
meeting in the store.

7.  The store is next door to Gianna's favorite restaurant (the Olive Garden).

8.  The staff selection table next to the front door always has an interesting assortment of great books.

9.  Tall shelves make tall shoppers happy.  Liz is tall.

Even the children's section
is classy and cool.
10. Full Circle is close to several major roads/highways.  We've been lost in every direction!

Stop in and say hello to Connie and the Full Circle crew and buy some books!

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