Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Cool Things: Square Books

Square Books
Square Books is a centerpiece in the charming town of Oxford, Mississippi.  Perhaps no store identifies with its community so completely and to travel to Oxford (which is well worth the trip) means a trip to this iconic bookstore.  There's a lot to love there.  Square Books is owned by Richard Howorth.

Why we love Square Books:

1. Square Books is literally on the town square so you can't miss it - a big plus for Gianna and Liz as they are quite bad with directions. [If you're going straight, you're going North!]

Off Square Books
2. How to take over a town?  Don't have one building...have three.  Square Books, Off Square Books (more adult books and a great event space), and Square Books Jr., for the younger book fans.

3. Oxford is an insanely cool college town that rivals our own beloved Austin, Texas. In other words, if you happen to show up a bit late for your selling appointment because you were out late listening to a band and had one too many beers....well it's not really frowned upon.  [Not that we ever show up late to appointments.  In fact, Gianna may be Amish.  Liz is definitely a Puritan.]

4. You may run into John Grisham...we did. Liz almost accidentally knocked him down the stairs. [...This is true.]

5. Owner Richard Howorth was a multi-term mayor and in that time we could park wherever we wanted! This isn't true but we did feel less nerdy than normal.

Everybody loves
6. When you're with the Square Books crew--Cody, Lyn, Richard and Lisa, etc--and you're walking around Oxford, you are with local royalty.  Want to feel like a celebrity?  Hang out downtown with the Square folks.

7. Square Books has had more great book signings than one can imagine. Here is a taste of past and upcoming signings:  Jim Shepard, John Sayles, Ann Patchett, Andre Dubus III, Joe Hill, Michael Chabon, Jeffrey Eugenides, Paula Deen, Charles Frazier, Erin Morgenstern, Joshua Ferris, Mona Simpson, Rodney Crowell, Anchee Min, Karen Russell, Tea Obreht, Isabel Wilkerson, Joseph Ellis and Pat Conroy. 

8. The wood floor actually creaks when you walk on it...we love this. 

9. Square Books has a whole wing of their second floor dedicated to the Liz and Gianna Fan Club and they hold weekly meetings (this may be a future development...and we're willing to provide artwork.  Call us!)

Faulkner with his youngest fan.
10. One word: Faulkner.

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  1. #11 - Square Books will be the site of Booktopia2012, the Books on the Nightstand reader's retreat. We are very excited. I hope the Liz and Gianna Fan Club wing is open by June!