Friday, October 7, 2011

10 Cool Things: Murder By the Book

This week we're focusing our Holmes-y magnifying glass on our favorite mystery bookstore, Murder By the Book in Houston, Texas.  Murder By the Book is located on Bissonnet St, on the block between Kirby and Greenbriar, and is legendary in the mystery community as one of the best stores in the country.  McKenna Jordan and her terrific staff are some of our favorite people.

Here's why we love Murder By the Book:

1. These crazy bastards are passionate about books. Ask for a recommendation and you will get a honest answer. Lord knows they've never worried about hurting our feelings about books we've tried to sell them.... [Actually, they love all of my, Liz's, books.  Gianna's, not so much....]

2. Shop here once and you will be convinced of two things:   Independent Bookstores rock
McKenna is hot

Hey McKenna, watch out for Gianna!
3. These guys have mind-blowing author signings - and they have the authors before they become huge. In other words, if you're a book collector, keep your eye on their events page.

4. They are of course a mystery book shop, but when the staff is really in love with a non-mystery you will know it (and so will the author)!

5. Two Words: Jack Reacher. 
...Not that Jack Reacher....
This is the Jack Reacher we love!

6. These guys can party. For example, say you went to Vegas with one or more of the staff...chances are someone is going to accidentally get married (note to self... invite McKenna to Vegas).

7. These guys have their fingers on the pulse of what is about to explode; we will never forget the day at MBTB when we were told about how popular Harry Hole had become!

8. Store has only had to close a couple of times due to you's totally safe.

Hanni-bear Lector
9. They love the bestsellers, and they love the no-name noir pulp from 1953 that only your grandfather owned.  No one we know knows more about the genre.

10. Some stores have employees.  Murder By the Book, the staff is family--sometimes literally in the case of McKenna and her mom Brenda.  They love working with each other, though, and it's obvious.  And they open this family up to their customers and authors, too. 
Robert Crais hanging out with the MBTB family.

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  1. Yep, them folks are cool - - we've known the score for more'n a score of years, and grosses of books!