Monday, July 29, 2013

Best Book of the Year So Far: Scott Montgomery

We doubt you will be able to go into the MysteryPeople section at BookPeople in Austin, Texas, and walk away without a book. Actually, we know for a fact that it’s impossible to talk to Scott Montgomery about any book and not want to read it. He’s that good at what he does. He also wears a lot of cowboy type shirts, and has been seen in a hat that looks to me like a Raiders of the Lost Arc type of situation. Why wouldn’t you buy a book from a man like that?

Scott’s favorite book of 2013 so far:

Reed F. Coleman
Onion Street  (A Moe Prager Mystery) by Reed Farrel Coleman is definitely my favorite book of 2013 so far. The author
 goes back 1968 to look at his PI, Moe Prager, when he was a young man and involved in a complex mystery which included holocaust revolutionaries and the mafia (along with some of his own pals). Onion Street is one of the best-plotted books in the series; it gives a moving examination of friendship, love, youth, during a tumultuous time. This latest novel is further proof why Reed Farrel Coleman is the greatest living private eye writer.

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