Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Books We Want for the Holidays: The Plain in Flames

The Plain in Flames by Juan Rulfo  

(Gianna) As I stated on an earlier blog about this book, I am very late to the Rulfo game. My feeling remains that The Plain in Flames is one of the finest collections I have read in years. There is nothing more satisfying than reading a book and having it live with you for months, even years. This collection restores two stories that were left of the previous translation and have not in fact been published in English prior to this edition ("The Legacy of Matilde Arcangel" and "The Day of the Collapse"). Populated with characters living on the fringes of society, these stories are haunting, beautiful, and darkly funny.
If you are taken with the stories above, I highly recommend Rulfo’s short novel originally published in 1955 called, Pedro P├íramo.  The tragic story of a son in search of his father has sold over two million copies and has never been out of print. It is, in every sense of the word, a classic.  If you love Gabriel Garcia Marquez, please consider reading Rulfo, he won’t disappoint. Plus, the dude had his own stamp!

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