Saturday, March 12, 2011

Le Cirque des Reves

Last week the Random House sales force gathered in Florida for our annual in-person sales conference (pro: no six hour conference calls; con: must wear shoes...and pants).  Want a sneak peek at one of the biggest buzz books slated to come out in the fall?  Here you go.

The Night Circus is the first novel from Erin Morgenstern, a magical, cinematic story of two fated lovers and the most amazing fictional setting since Hogwarts.  In the book, two rival magicians debate magic theory through the duels they stage between students of their schools of study.  When one magician pits his daughter Celia against a rival orphan named Marco, the location for their showdown becomes a mystic circus only open at night.  The rivals create endless mazes, a garden made of ice, a maze of clouds, a tree of granted wishes, all in with a wonderful black-and-white backdrop of tents, circus performers, and charmed guests.  Le Cirque des Reves--The Circus of Dreams--is a fantasy world where attendees (and readers) go to escape and experience the endless possibilities and romance...the mysterious, fantastical, heroic, adventurous, liberating definition of that word, not the mass market rack at the grocery store variety.  The romance of silent movies, the allure of the object behind the curtain, the thrill of the unexpected--I love this book.

This cool book trailer captures the whimsy and charm of the book.  "Keep dreaming in black and white" indeed.


  1. Read it & love it at least as much as you do.

  2. thank you for the trailer. just finished it last night. the greatest "new" book i have read in AGES.