Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Books We Want for the Holidays: Heads in Beds

Gianna walked around Target today
with that tag stuck to her head.
Because she's CLASSY.
Here in Book Land we like to keep things classy.  You never know when you'll be having dinner in the White House, after all, and one must always maintain a certain level of decorum.  I can't tell you how often someone has approached me on the street and praised our blog's level of taste (still waiting for anyone to praise our has been up for three years and no one has once mentioned our refined taste....).  What can I say?  We are the rock stars of the blogging world, and as such, it's important to behave like rock stars.  And for that reason, I was enthralled by Heads in Beds by Jacob Tomsky.

Jacob Tomsky has worked in just about every area of an upscale hotel, from valet parking dude to concierge to housekeeping manager.  He's seen it all, and he knows how to please guests with particular tastes.  Such as Gianna's fondness for hotel slippers.  Gianna loves footwear that could potentially have been worn by strangers.  She steals the slippers and keeps them in her freezer.  Jacob reveals in Heads in Beds that there are easy ways to steal slippers and robes and such from your upscale hotel room.  Check in. Place the item into your suitcase.  Call downstairs and complain irately that your room doesn't have said item.

Really, Heads in Beds is an instruction the sense that Kitchen Confidential is a manual to the restaurant industry.  Don't eat fish on Mondays, and don't drink from the glasses in the hotel rooms.  Want an upgrade?  Find out who to tip.  Want the dirt on the celebrity tantrums that don't involve writers for this blog?  Here you go.  Tomsky is crass, too, and you know we love a good expletive.  And what would you expect? The service industry is highly entertaining entirely because people are such turds.  You probably can't give your obnoxious aunt bedbugs, but you can give her a book about hotels and fantasize about the critters...not that I would wish bedbugs on (most of) my aunts.  Anyway, good times.  Classy book.

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  1. I just finished this book last week and enjoyed it--perhaps a bit more than I should have!