Friday, December 7, 2012

Books We Want for the Holidays: Mystery Addiction

Today I am going to talk addiction. I’m certainly not cool enough to have any sort of interesting addiction like oxy or shoplifting, or eating rocks (it’s a thing, I saw it on television), but I do know what it’s like to be addicted to a book series.  What do addicts like more than anything? Company. Here are a few series that you can get your loved ones addicted to this holiday season.
Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series will keep your loved one busy for quite a while.  And here is the great thing: close your eyes and pick any Jack Reacher novel, doesn’t matter, the man does not disappoint. It may be fun though, to go back to the beginning and get someone started properly. I have yet to hear one person say “Meh, I don’t really get the Lee Child fascination” (and don’t be a jerk and write in and say it now just to make us look bad!). The latest novel is Wanted Man, if you want to jump in that way, but I would recommend grabbing three paperbacks: Killing Floor, Die Trying, and Tripwire. These are the first three in the series. If you don’t care about starting at the beginning, I will offer my three favorite Lee Child books: Persuader, Nothing to Lose, and 61 Hours; those aren’t in order but I didn’t read him in order either.   You know what, just start anywhere, you’ll thank me.

Oh, and Tom Cruise IS Jack Reacher, watch! 

Janet Evanovich recently moved to Random House and it has seemed to reinvigorate her Stephanie Plumb books (and this is according to her most critical reader and her biggest fan, a woman who has read every single book …Gianna’s mom).  I suggest you start in the high teens: Smokin’ Seventeen (paper), Explosive Eighteen (paper), and her latest, Notorious Nineteen.

One of my favorite mystery writers I wish more people would read is Lisa Unger. She has a couple of different series and a few stand alone novels. I think I have probably read six or seven of her books, and I would define Unger as a literary mystery writer. Unger’s Lydia Strong series begins with Angel Fire, Darkness Gathers, Smokeand finally Twice.  Unger has a new stand alone novel called Heartbroken which is garnering fantastic reviews, and is on my holiday list (hint hint).  

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