Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Book of the Year So Far: Joe English

Joe English trained me for my first position at Random House, which was working with national accounts. He gave me a piece of sage advice which I still find myself using on occasion. He said, "Hey, if you're ever looking for a Borders or a Barnes & Noble and feel like you might be lost, just look for a Bed Bath and Beyond or a Best Buy, it's a sign you're close." 

Here is Joe's pick for best book of the year so far:

Among my favorite children's books this year is Twerp by Mark Goldblatt. It's a story about bullying, but from the perspective of a perpetrator. Without condoning any of the actions described, Twerp deftly examines the kind of peer pressure that can lead to one kid turning on another. Author Mark Goldblatt gets inside these boys' heads - he knows how they think, how they talk, and what motivates them. And the journaling format - the main character unveils the story through a writing assignment at school - allows for (and subtly encourages in readers) the kind of soul searching necessary for true redemption.

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