Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What You're Not Reading, Day Five

It's not secret to anyone who reads our blog (all six of you), but Liz and I are nuts for short stories. I think we have this in common because we both fell in love with Joyce Carol Oates at an early age, and she is a master of the form. She is also tall and you know how Liz feels about tall people, she finds them to be superior in every way. [Huh? JCO is tiny. But yes, I do think that tall people are superior in every way.]
A rainbow of stories...

Hannah Tinti
Editor-in-Chief @
One Story
and author of
The Good Thief
This is all by way of telling you I am not writing about a book today. Forever the rule breaker, I am going to try and sell you on a subscription to One Story magazine. I hate calling it a magazine because it’s not really a magazine. It’s better than a magazine, yes, even US Weekly.  Every three weeks, One Story publishes, you guessed it,  one story. That’s right, every issue is dedicated to one single story. Why? Because we have trained ourselves to read stories as a group, bunched together in anthologies or an author’s collection. And that’s fine; in fact, some are meant to be read together. But more often than not, stories need to be savored and you lose that by finishing one story and moments later turning the page and starting a new one. 

A.M. Homes, who went
 to a state school
called Sarah Lawrence
One fantastic story shipped right to your door about every three weeks. Yes, you say, but who are these authors, just your run of the mill state school English majors? 

Well, first of all, there's nothing wrong with going to a state school, get off your high horse! Secondly, I just grabbed a few examples from the past couple of years and I am looking at The Omega Point or Happy Birthday Baby by A.M. Homes, The Widow’s Cruse by Emma Donoghue, Girls Only by Karen Shepard, Bad Return by Aimee Bender, and The World to Come by Jim Shepard. See, and they all went to state schools (completely false statement). 

How much? It’s all about money with you people isn’t it? $21.00 for 15 issues, that’s a buck & change per issue, less than a neck massage on a city bus! What, that’s not really a thing? Gross. 

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