Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year, New 30 Day Book Challenge, Day 25

Day 25: The Character to Whom You Most Relate


Today we are finding our literary mirrors, the characters we most identify with...or the closest thing possible. 

Jo March - Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

I have several brothers and exactly zero sisters, and as a young girl I had very little interest in dolls, makeup, pretty dresses, or anything “girly.” I could, however, throw a football as well as the boys on my street, and I was a damn good baseball player. I enjoyed building forts, climbing trees and jumping off of very high things. My goal was to become a stunt person (I am sure I went around and said stuntman, but you get the point). As I got older, my mother’s patience with my lack of girly interests grew and she would either be chasing me around the house with an eyebrow tweezers or let me know, in the nicest of ways, that “a little lipstick would really help.”

Jo March understood me, and I understood her. She enjoyed a boisterous joke, a competitive footrace, and a healthy disinterest in boys. But things change; Jo got married and I have at long last tried to get these god-forsaken eyebrows in check. 

"If Wearing hair up means becoming a lady, I'll wear it down until I'm 100 years old." Jo March in Little Women


Dang. I have no idea. I mean, I already declared that Lizbeth Salander and I were one and the same, but it seems too easy to rest on those laurels. Let's turn to the internet for an assist, shall we?

I took this Literary Character Quiz, and ended up with Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. Apparently I'm mothering to lost boys and caring and this really couldn't be further from how I see myself. 

I like the book part anyway.
So then I took this quiz, and it says I'm Hermione from Harry Potter. So I'm smart and witty and rational and don't let people mess with me. On the other hand, though, I've already stated that I have not read the Harry Potter books, and I'm also not going to fall in love with a redhead. 

It turns out there are a lot of these quizzes on the internet. Let's try again with this one. Really? George Bailey from It's a Wonderful Life? That just happens to be one of my least favorite movies ever. I give up.

I liked Leslie from The Bridge to Terebithia because she played in the woods and died (spoiler?). I liked Turtle from The Westing Game because she was smarter than everyone else and fairly obnoxious about it (and then she won the game--spoiler?). Gianna compared me to Flavia de Luce from The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie because she was actively hoping to poison her siblings. Those are good enough.  

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  1. Update: I've figured it out. I'm Olive Kitteridge! And I'm totally okay with that.