Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introducing Love, Liz and Gianna Style

If you’ve ever met Liz or me (especially Liz), the thing you get right away – the vibe – is that we believe in love, we believe in romance, and we believe in soul mates. [Gianna also believes the children are the future, but I do not.] We ooze love (the good kind); it can’t be denied and we can’t help it. If we weren’t publishing sales reps, we would probably be matchmakers or prostitutes. [Do prostitutes live like crazy cat ladies?] We know romance is all I am saying. Candles, roses, wine, The Notebook, long walks on the beach, Penthouse Letters VI, Sex and the City 2, WWE Raw, Nights in Rodanthe, and of course syphilis. [I know my brain is rotting just reading this post.]

People looked to us after the Seal/Heidi breakup 36 hours ago in order to restore their faith in love, marriage, and Project Runway. While we can’t help you with Project Runway [Go Mondo!], we promise we can rebuild your belief in love. That’s right--while certain people are trying to ruin the holiest of holidays (looking at you Ashton), we will bring back the sanctity and dignity of Valentine’s Day. [I put the saint in St. Valentine's Day.]

We offer you 21 Days of Love, or Lack Thereof…a romantic book a day for 21 days.  We launch this Love Boat tomorrow!


  1. Taking this picture of you two is probably one of my proudest achievements.

  2. I think of it as one of my worst days.