Sunday, August 18, 2013

Best Book of the Year So Far: James Parker

James made the mistake of telling me
I could grab any photo of him I wanted
from his Facebook page. Mistake

Once upon a time when I worked for Random House, one of my job duties was to sell DC Comics. Let me educate you about the extent of my knowledge of DC Comics: Zero. Nothing. Never thought about them, didn’t know they existed. Jughead, sure, absolutely but I guess I assumed that Superman and whatnot started out as television shows. I’m not bragging, and I am certainly not looking to get slapped around, just stating the facts.  I tell you this so you have a working sympathy for James Parker who was the graphic novel buyer at my main account.

He was nice enough not to act completely disgusted with me while he went through the DC catalog while I ate a candy bar and looked at People Magazine (a variation of the truth).

Here now is James Parker’s favorite book of 2013 so far 

One of my favorite books of 2013 is the collected edition of Rasl written and drawn by Jeff Smith.  It’s a Graphic novel about a thief/ ex military engineer who is also an interdimensional traveler and is on the run from someone.  I happen to have an advance copy of the book that comes out in September.  Great read! 
And, on a side note Jeff Smith signed and sketched 
in my copy for me!  A nice personalized sketch too!

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