Thursday, August 8, 2013

Best Book of 2013 So Far: Michael's Pick

Michael Kindness is in New York right now at the Random House sales conference. He is stuck in conference rooms for up to ten hours a day, we can say whatever we want about the guy, he is never going to see this post. Let's dish on Michael...yeah all the dirty little secrets. Michael, Michael, Michael...nope the guy is as squeaky clean and nice as the name makes you think. He also happens to be one of the brightest, most well rounded readers that I know. He also happens to be one half of the mighty Books on the Nightstand Podcast duo (along with fellow RH rep Ann Kingman). We asked Michael for one book, and like any man or woman who makes a living selling books...he gave us two titles. 

Michael's favorite book of 2013 so far:

Liz and Gianna told me to pick one book, but I've never been very good at listening to them, so I picked two. To be fair, only one was published this year (or rather will be published in 3 weeks or so).

Let me start with the oldie-but-amazingly-goodie. Have you read 84, Charing Cross Road? If you’re a book lover and you haven’t, please stop reading my crap writing and go pick up Helene Hanff’s memoir of her correspondence with the staff of Marks & Co., an antiquarian bookstore in London. The humor, love of books, wonderful vitality, and ups and downs of life simply fill this book and you can’t help but smile while reading it. I’m sorry it took me this long to get to it.

Conversely, I was probably one of the first hundred people or so to read Night Film by Marisha Pessl. I love when my job gives me the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a stunning book. I finished the first chapter of Night Film with goosebumps rising on my arms. (You can read the first chapter here) This story of a reclusive film director, a disgraced journalist, and the mysterious suicide of a young woman is filled with letters, web pages, mental hospital intake forms - all things that bring Pessl’s fully realized world to even more vivid life. It comes out on August 20, so you’ve got a little time to wait.

In the meantime go read 84, Charing Cross Road!

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