Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Innocent by Taylor Stevens

The latest thriller from author Taylor Stevens goes on sale today.  The Innocent is the follow-up to Taylor's lauded 2011 debut, The Informationist, which introduced readers to bad ass protagonist Vanessa Michael Munroe.  Gianna offers this review of the new book:

She's baaaaack...and baby she has got some demons to work out. Munroe is living on very little sleep, with her mix of brutal nightmares and her penchant for sleeping with knives next to her bed. It's actually safer that way. Funny thing, Liz also sleeps with knives next to her bed in order to protect herself from an overly "affectionate" cat named Zorro. Book coming soon. [It's important that Zorro be comfy...so very, very important.]

In Taylor Stevens' excellent follow-up to The New York Times bestselling The Informationist, Vanessa Michael Munroe has agreed to help her best friend retrieve his daughter from the religious cult he once escaped. Much of The Innocent draws from first-hand knowledge of cult life; it has been well documented that Stevens spent her childhood and young adult life in a religious cult, escaping with her children not too long ago. That fact alone takes The Innocent to another level, and the intimacy in which Taylor is able to write can not be overlooked.

Vanessa (I like to call her Michael) is kicking oh so much ass in this novel, just as much as in the first book of this series, but The Innocent offers more introspection and a bit more heart.

Everything a thriller should be - an excellent post holiday read.  

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