Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gianna's Top Twenty of 2014, Day 2

Non Fiction

Boyhood: Twelve Years on Film is a behind the scenes look and year-by-year companion to Linklater’s critically acclaimed masterpiece. So many things to love about this powerful book of photographs shot by Matt Lankes, which includes essays by Linklater, Hawke, Coltrane, and two really moving pieces by Patricia Arquette, and the film’s producer, Cathleen Sutherland.

The book contains over 200 images that illustrate, quite dramatically, the passage of time. It’s quite extraordinary and easily makes my top ten this year.  

Patricia Arquette

Ellar Coltrane


If you haven’t joined the church of Evie Wyld, you’re missing out. She is one of the finest writers working today. That’s right, and I called it after reading her debut, After the Fire, A Still Small Voice, one of the finest debut novels that I’ve ever read. Yeah, shit just got real, didn’t it?

Evie Wyld 
Wyld’s follow up, All the Birds, Singing is even better and a bit more ambitious. Jake, a sheep farmer living alone on the British Coast, comes to find that something (or someone) is killing off her sheep one by one. If you happened to watch Jane Campion’s mini-series this year called Top of the Lake, run to read this novel. It’s that smart, dreamy, ominous, vivid, and rich.

If you like Dan Chaon, Hilary Mantel, Ian McEwan, Donna Tartt, or even David Mitchell, you will love Evie Wyld. Read her now before she becomes super famous; there's nothing better than being first. Nothing. I wonder if somewhere Evie is writing something just as nice about me....

[Okay, Liz here: Gianna totally, 100%, without question, is mentioning All the Birds, Singing now because she knows that I've been Evie Wyld's biggest fan from the beginning and Gianna is trying to scoop me. That's some crap, there. I introduced Gianna to this author. She's stealing my picks. I'd file a complaint with the ombudsperson, but 1. we don't work for the same company, and 2. I have no idea who the ombudsperson is. Humph.]

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