Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Books of 2013 So Far: Keith Thomson's Pick

We love Keith Thomson. He is easily one of the most interesting people we've ever encountered. He's a former semipro baseball player in France, and for a time he was an editorial cartoonist. Whatever holiday card you sent this year, it's nothing compared to the animated card that Keith sent (and made). Oh, and he writes for the Huffington Post about the intelligence world. I think he might be the real James Bond, or at least the James Bond of Alabama. We highly recommend The Official Keith Thomson Author Page for fans of gadgets, spy thrillers, and mysteries. Best of all, Keith is an author with a terrific sense of humor. His most recent books are the spy novels Once a Spy and Twice a Spy, which follow the adventures of a former agent who's a security threat due to his Alzheimer's and the spy's hapless son. Yes, you need to read them. Also, keep an eye out for Keith's newest book coming early next year, Seven Grams of Lead, about a reporter who discovers that he has recording device implanted in his head.

Here's Keith's pick for the best book he's read thus far in 2013:

THE WAY OF THE KNIFE (Penguin, April 9, 2013). New York Times national reporter Mark Mazzetti's insider-source-intensive account of the CIA's post-9/11 transformation from an intelligence service to a worldwide killing machine was crack for spook buffs. Thanks to friends at the NSA, I got to read the book while Mazzetti was writing it.

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