Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good and Cheap (Books)! Day 10

Every year the partnership of Seven Stories Press, Sonoma State University Foundation, and Project Censored publishes a list of censored or underreported stories from that year.  I only came to learn of Project Censored last year when I read an excerpt from Censored 2012 entitled, “More US Soldiers Committed Suicide than Died in Combat.” I now own three books, Censored 2010, Censored 2011, and Censored 2012.

Project Censored not only complies lists of underreported stories by tracking published news, but also will update previously published stories and offer many sources. Yes, that’s right, sources!  Regular features include cartoons by Tom Tomorrow and a section called "Junk Food News" (mostly a criticism of mass media), such as our obsessive need for celebrity gossip. I know, I am part of the problem...

If you want a taste of the books, check out their website. It will be sure to piss you off. I mentioned the story above, but a few more stories that really blew me away are “Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Worse than Anticipated” from 2013, a really interesting story called “Secret Control of the Presidential Debates” from 2010 (I think), “Nanotech Particles Pose Serious DNA Risks to Humans and the Environments” from 2011, and also from 2011 “Cuba Provided the Greatest Medical Aid to Haiti after the Earthquake.”

Those are just a few stories that piqued my interest on various subjects, but there are hundreds available from the Project Censored website and printed material. 

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