Saturday, September 29, 2012

More Bookish Trivia and Trash Talking--Round 2

Liz again.  So in a surprise move that has surprised no one, Gianna began trash talking my fondness for trivial pursuits on her Facebook page today.  Gianna has never bothered to actually accept my trivia challenges (which occur as frequently as my requests that she deliver ice cream to my house, and to rub my feet); Gianna is a huge coward.  And then my pal Michele, the fellow Random House rep who created the trivia game at the Mountains & Plains trade show, admitted that she was rooting against me.  She's on my list.  Here are some of the other rounds of literary trivia from the trade show.

ROUND 2 – Kids

SIDEKICKS! Who could live without them? They help solve mysteries, they help run student council campaigns, they stand up to bullies. Can you match the sidekicks with the series or main character?

A. HARRY POTTER SERIES _______                                          1. Annabeth & Grover
B. EMILY OF NEW MOON SERIES _____                                  2. Butler
C. ARTEMIS FOWL SERIES _________                                      3. Rudy
D. THE BOOK THIEF_______                                                      4. Janie & Sport
E. CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY ___                    5. Hermione & Ron
F. HARRIET THE SPY _______                                                    6. ILSA
G. HENRY HUGGINS SERIES ____                                             7. Grandpa Joe
H. INKSPELL _____                                                                      8. Diana Barry
J. ANNE OF GREEN GABLES SERIES _____                            10. Farid

Put the number of the sidekick on the line after the series or character. 

Suffice it to say that children's books aren't my area of expertise, and as far as actually reading any of these books, Anne of Green Gables is the only one I knew from the texts.  I knew Charlie & the Chocolate Factory from the movies, and Harry Potter because one cannot escape Potter in bookstores.  Members of the Texas team, though, were familiar with the kiddie lit, and we did pretty well this round. 

Answers: 5, 6, 2, 3, 7, 4, 9, 10, 1, 8


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