Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Awkward Conversation About FIFTY SHADES OF GREY

Gianna, as far as I know, is still plugging away at the "it" book of the moment, the erotic tale Fifty Shades of Grey.  No one's going to claim this series--there are three Fifty Shades books--ranks among the great works of the Western Canon, but I can say that my real estate agent talked more about Fifty Shades of Grey today than she did the house I was buying.  (I bought a house today.  I'm painting the walls grey.  Or not.)  Many, many people are reading and discussing the books in a variety of ways.  Naturally, Gianna won't leave me alone either.  If you missed our first text conversation about this book, here's the link.  If you haven't yet seen the brilliant Ellen DeGeneres spoof of the book, check it out here.  In the meantime, here's another uncomfortable exchange.  You should know that I really don't have many options in the friend department (I'm quirky), so I tolerate a lot from Gianna.

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