Monday, April 6, 2009

I Left My Heart in San Francisco (Gianna's First Post!)

…and my underwear in Amarillo. Many times. Not just Amarillo, but I think I have left a belt in Jackson, Mississippi, one good Mussano running shoe in Oklahoma City (could have been Dallas), and someone in the teeny tiny town of Greenwood, Mississippi is wearing my black knit hat that says Chicago on it…I just feel it in my bones. Anyway, I lose things on the road and I would be hard pressed to explain why it seems to be mostly underwear but it is. I don’t need to tell you underwear aint cheap (okay, sometimes I go with the cheap stuff…who are you to judge?), my point is this, where does it go? If I had to guess I would say I have lost oh, five to eight pair of underwear in four to six states.

Is it just me? When Lucinda Williams tours or Hillary Clinton sets off on a five day trip to the Middle East…do they come back with what they packed? I mean, I assume Lucinda comes back with a lot less weed, but clothing wise, does she come back with two boots? Does Hillary come back with all her under garments? Suck it up, losing things on the road is just one of the hazards, yes I get it, okay…there are worse things….like forgetting things.

Sometimes you forget to pack things. Like maybe the day you are packing in Texas its 75 degrees out and in your mind you think, why wouldn’t it be this warm everywhere? Then you drive for 10 hours and get out of the car and its 37 degrees and you have no coat. None. No coat. You are in Mississippi and its late and choices are….limited….very limited. You try to look professional but you also want to avoid hypothermia so you make a choice. You buy it. You buy the $9.99 (on sale for a reason) wintery vest thing that in any other style, or color really would be less offensive….hip even. Like I said this thing was on sale for a reason. It is a mylar, silver looking shiny…terribly terribly shiny vest thing with just a hint of lining; just enough to make you think you are warmer with it on. If I were to put it on stand perfectly still and put a tin cup at my feet I could pass for one of those silver robot people that “perform” in cities…you know like the tin man.

I want to clear up one thing that Liz posted in her previous blog regarding me and clothing. She stated that I wore two different shoes to a trade show once. I wanted to point out that it was by accident. I wish I could say it wasn’t true, I wish I could say I noticed it as I was leaving the house, I wish I could say I noticed it on the way to the airport. Truth is I noticed it about ten minutes before boarding the flight. Also they weren’t that different. Other than color, style and brand name they were the same.

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  1. And I thought my birthday present was you wearing the two different shoes. Not sure how hurt I am.