Thursday, October 9, 2014

Texas Book Festival : Remember Me Like This

Rising star and award winning author Bret Anthony Johnston is on my book festival must see list. I've written about Remember Me Like This on the blog earlier in the year but it's good enough to mention again. Just as the two previous TBF14 posts, this novel is truly original.

Four years after 11 year-old Justin disappears from a small Texas town, he is reunited with his family who has been functioning on autopilot almost completely disconnected from each other. Plenty of books  have been  written about abducted children, but they stop where this novel begins. Remember Me reads almost like a thriller. It's difficult to put down for sure, but the books is so beautifully written and avoids common pitfalls; no easy answers to cheapen this story. The characters are rich and complex,  and each hold a heartbreak of their own compounded when (and again, this isn't a spoiler) you learn the Justin was being held only a few miles away.  Think about that for a while....

Saturday, October 25th 11:30am - 12:30pm
Texas State Capitol: Capitol Extension Room E1.026

Find the full book festival lineup here

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